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Protem MP

Protem MP

The PROTEM MP is a separator in composite material avoiding all glass scratches.

It resists to continuous temperatures over170C submitted to a 15 Bar of pressure.

NEW MATERIAL for the two external parallel sides and for the internal V-shape.

It prevents the PVB from sticking to the PROTEM.
These separators have been designed according to ASAHI GLASS working process.

Protem MP
Protem MP REF MP 12 Protem MP REF MP 17Protem MP REF MP 15Protem MP REF MP 17 L

The thickness difference between the side surfaces allows a vibrating bowl to direct the device separators.

Protem MP
Protem MP REF MP 7527 Protem MP REF MP 7537

Spécial for building glazing


Autoclip Metalclip Cup Soalam
Zicou Protem MP Primcap pour cleaner Primbot
Primcap pour primlaine Protem Peugue Extracteur

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